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The last few years have not been easy. We’ve faced a pandemic, an increasingly polarized political environment and growing divisions. It is through these difficult times that we face the question of what it means to be truly alive. Through passions, hardships and discoveries, “Pulse” seeks to explore the heartbeat of what drives the human experience and propels the people of Wisconsin forward. 

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In July 2022, the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld a ruling that banned ballot drop boxes that were widely used throughout the state during the pandemic. In response, the City of Madison has decorated its ballot boxes in protest and blasted the court's decision as a "step backward" to make voting accessible. In addition to banning ballot boxes, the court's decision alarmed disability advocates about what the decision would mean for disabled voters.


Wisconsin has led the nation in efforts to serve disabled residents, but new challenges and approaches fuel work for the future. Explore the past, present and future of disability in Wisconsin.

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Video by Brooke Messaye and Emily Rohloff

Featured photo by Perri Moran.